Shades of Spring

In honor of World Poetry Day we share a poem written in celebration of Spring 2021 by Tushar Sawant, Shades of Spring. Kindly see below. Happy Spring! Like the embrace of an old friend, as welcome as it is sweet, the radiance of the morning sun, alas, warms the earth beneath my feet. Reaching out … Continue reading Shades of Spring

Reflections of The Fall

BY TUSHAR SAWANT 2020 has been a tumultuous year.  We are dealing with a quarantine instigated by a global pandemic and the quietude such isolation can provide us, in addition to the clamor of civil uprisings incited by a myriad of injustices. Whether we have experienced great tragedy or merely bore witness to the absurdity … Continue reading Reflections of The Fall

Rethinking Social Distancing

BY ANGELA DIACO (LET’S TALK ABOUT SOCIAL DISTANCING TRAUMA) The term “social distancing” entered into our everyday lexicon in a matter of days and one things for sure: I don’t like it! No, I am not proposing to stop social distancing. I am convinced that we all need to continue doing our part to pause … Continue reading Rethinking Social Distancing

A Time for Philosophy

BY YARON BARZILAY According to legend the word Philosophy can be attributed to Pythagoras who spoke of himself as a philosopher, a lover of wisdom, rather than a Wise man as he had been called by others. Of course, the word Philo-Sophy, the Love of Wisdom, does not give Pythagoras any innovation rights over the … Continue reading A Time for Philosophy

Standing with Black Lives

BY SAVONNE JOHNSON Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” When those who have sworn to serve and protect, and enforce the law, believe themselves to be above it, harm and betrayal ensue and we all suffer.  Wherever injustice is found, it must be confronted, not only for those … Continue reading Standing with Black Lives

Daring to Live as a Warrior

BY VINEET LALAN In various ancient civilizations, we find the Archetype of the Warrior as an inspiration for human beings to overcome the challenges of life. Today, most of us are not physically engaged on battlefields, as warriors fighting with swords and spears, with our lives on the line. Nevertheless, the challenges we face in … Continue reading Daring to Live as a Warrior

Celebrating Leonardo Da Vinci

BY SAVONNE JOHNSON Leonardo Da Vinci is known as a Renaissance Man – a man that had many interests and mastered many disciplines in his life. He was steadfast in his pursuit of knowledge. He took great pleasure in discovering the world around him. He was enthralled with the study of nature and its secrets. … Continue reading Celebrating Leonardo Da Vinci

Bending the Arc of History

BY SAVONNE JOHNSON Encyclopedia Britannica states that Civil Rights are defined as, “…guarantees of equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics.” Examples include, the right to vote, right to a fair trial, right to government services, right to public education and the right to use public … Continue reading Bending the Arc of History

Why We Need A Renaissance

BY ANGELA DIACO We are on the threshold of a brave new world — or so we are told. With all its promises of a materialistic utopia, life as seen by marketers and the media just keeps getting better on the ever-ascending path of never-ending progress. But somehow, this vision of a more perfect future … Continue reading Why We Need A Renaissance

The Lady and the Lamp

By Garrett Avery There is an ancient parable of the Buddha that offers us a message of hope and new possibilities during this time. It is the parable of the old woman and the lamp.  In ancient India, there were two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season was so tempestuous, … Continue reading The Lady and the Lamp