October 2020

Acropolis Boston presented Siddhartha: Discovering the Middle Way as an interactive event open to the public.  The presentation was based on the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Several thought-provoking questions were posed to the participants, making them reflect on key events in their lives where, like Siddhartha, they had to undergo trials that awarded them with valuable teachings. These events offer us a glimpse into the ideal version of ourselves, one that perseveres even through seemingly insurmountable ordeals.

Every one of us has a Buddha within ourselves, and so long as we stand firm through the unrelenting tides of life by listening to the authentic voice of our being, we inch ever closer to this transcendent ideal. Let us all strive towards this ideal within ourselves such that, like Siddhartha, we too begin to see ourselves in this world, but not of it.