8-week Course Starting: January 6th at 7:00 pm

It’s through the teachings left to us by the philosophers of old that we can discover profoundly relevant truths for navigating our everyday

About this Event

The timeless teachings of the East and West are as true today as ever and can help us achieve the inner balance and harmony we all seek.

This course uses a combination of instruction and dialogue designed to deepen inter-personal exchange and self-reflection.

We will explore the ancient sources of wisdom that can be applied to daily life from the Buddha, Stoics, Plato, Ancient India, Ancient Egypt and more in this 8-week course.

Come see for yourself what classical philosophy can teach us about living a more authentic and enriching life!


Technical Details:

1. Video is required.

2. Reception will be open at 6:50 pm. Thank you for arriving before the beginning of class to ensure everyone is connected.