Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” When those who have sworn to serve and protect, and enforce the law, believe themselves to be above it, harm and betrayal ensue and we all suffer.  Wherever injustice is found, it must be confronted, not only for those directly effected, but for all human beings. 
Racist, bigoted, sexist or prejudiced ideas of any kind are an affront to our collective humanity.  When we can focus on our similarities instead of our differences, we can see each other as brother and sister, allowing us to work together to find solutions that help us all.  When we forget that the “other” matters and that the “other” is also a human being with feelings, thoughts, hopes, and dreams, our disagreements lead to fighting and destruction as opposed to being an opportunity to learn from each other and stand together for Truth, Justice, and Hope.
In the words of social justice activist and lawyer Bryan Stevenson “Injustice prevails were hopelessness persists.” The sentiments of righteous anger, sadness and heartbreak can be the building blocks of a more loving, kind and truly just nation, if we can work together, intentionally, to build it.
Bryan’s statement is as insightful as it is hopeful. The fingers of injustice are long and reach far, but it cannot prevail if we refuse to give up hope for change. If we can dare to envision a better future and act together, the days of injustice and inequality are numbered. The quote finishes, “Hopelessness is the enemy of justice” for truly, when we lose hope, injustice wins.
We take heart in knowing that Truth and Justice exists in everyone, and now begins the hard work of making that potential manifest in our systems, homes and hearts. It will take time, and it will take all of us.