July 2019

ArtBeat in Davis Square is one of our favorite festivals, and we’re celebrating The Renaissance yet again! This time in history showed how the rediscovery of classical philosophy led to a cultural, artistic, economic and political rebirth – one we can see happen again today. This is a call for people everywhere to actively cultivate wisdom. Why? “Philosophy” or love of wisdom is something that at its foundation can change the world: it’s about recognizing and solving problems before they happen, and choosing the wisest way to tackle a specific issue.

The theme at this year’s festival is “consumed,” so we ask you, what are you consumed by? As philosophers, this is an important question to ask because it can reveal something about ourselves: what drives us? Where did this drive come from? And where, exactly, is it driving us to? Thinkers of the Renaissance were consumed by their idea of the human being becoming an active participant in the creation of a better world. Come by our booth to learn how we can revive this spirit of philosophy today in order to renew ourselves and our world in 2019!